This is the second site Naish Creative Imaging have developed for Firmdale Hotels. After we built and maintained their first site, Firmdale Hotels once again chose Naish Creative imaging to build their second iteration, a fully responsive web site enabling Firmdale Hotels customers to have a consistent experience no matter which device they choose to view the content.

Each page style can be fully customised by Firmdale Hotels within the sites overall design framework via the CMS. The design elements on any given page are broken down into individual modules that can be applied in any order as the site is constructed. A sophisticated algorithm is then used to control the modules flow and order across the page to ensure consistent layout behaviour across all responsive design states.
A bespoke responsive design booking interface linked via web services to Firmdale Hotels chosen booking engine was developed to ensure styling consistency across the site.

In addition, inside the CMS resides a master image library where Firmdale Hotels can control the image crops for any of the potential uses across the site.  All image optimisation is handled within the system once crops have been saved, enabling Firmdale Hotels to have instant access to their entire image library as they content manage their site. All images cropped as desired, optimised for performance and ready to go.